MultiCulti in Fix iT: lesson on diversity

Multiculti stands for an identity of mixed ethnic heritage but here we mix with the term a bit and extend its meaning for people with mixed national identity. Why? Well, though we have stated that volunteers in Fix iT come form Spain, Italy, France and Slovakia, then during our preparations for cultural presentations, these young people speak about Asturias, Sicily, Brittany and about south, north , west and east Slovakia.

The whole things started with Fix iT team noticing French volunteers posting photos in social media site, carrying a flag like this:

Screen shot 2014-05-11 at 13.20.27

This a flag of region in North-West France, Brittany (Bretagne in French), area where Tiana and Goulven are coming from with their assistants, Marion and Pricilla. Brittany has their own language, not so much spoken by many people but still! Cider is The drink and crêpes The food!

If i’d ask where the following picture is taken?

Screen shot 2014-05-11 at 13.30.02

What? Scotland, or somewhere in England or Ireland, you say. Nope. It’s a photo of Spanish region called Asturias. Ivan’s and Daniele’s home region, and according to them there are many differences between their local culture and popular image of Spain, Celtic background and cider production being few of them.

Lesson on MultiCulti: dig deeper, there’s more to each and every one of us then we might think at first!

Specialties of Sicily and Slovakia, are coming up! Meanwhile, enjoy Fix iT on photos via GALLERY page.


Team Spirit

Fix iT is a whole lot about team spirit, there is nothing we want to do if we can’t do it together with others, true story!

Second week started with anticipation for the upcoming week and with a little city task, as you gotta get to know your hood, before it becomes your neighborhood! Fix iT City Game took our people on the streets to solve following points:

Fix-IT Tallinn City Game

  1. What or who is/was Kalev ? You can find many examples in the city.
  1. Find pikk Herman and paks Margaret. Why are they called like this ?
  1. Go and find 3 sisters standing in the street. All estonians know who you mean.
  1. Ask an Estonian to teach you the 3 important words/sentences in Estonian you dont know yet.
  1. Find a street that carries a name of an historical/known person and take a photo of the street, extra points you get for having local persons on the same photo as well.

(1 point per street / if there is a local person you get 2 points / if there are 4 local person then you get 3 points.)

NB we need photographic proof of it !


Team Dada, Ivan and Markus Fixed iT with an ease:

le estonian: Markus Kumpas


Markus is a 21 year old young man who studies in JUKS Support Centre, swimming is his hobby and rose a favorite flower. At home, Markus likes surf in the computer.

Learning English and getting new friends are the reasons why Markus has decided to take part “Fix iT” project, both come in handy when traveling abroad and in general it is just nice to meet new people.

Latest new expression Markus has learnt is “I AM A VOLUNTEER!”

Funniest moment through last three days was when a balloon which sat quietly in the corner suddenly broke: PAU!

Markus’s Message to the World: “Try it yourself! European Voluntary Service is C O O L!”

Happy Holidays!

– Markus


Markus on 21aastane noormees, kes õpib Tugikeskuses JUKS, hobiks on ujumine ning lemmiklilleks roos. Kodus olles meeldib Markusele arvutis surfata.

“Fix iT” projektis osaleb Markus põhjusel, et õppida inglise keelt ning saada uusi sõprus, sest reisimisel tulevad mõlemad kasuks, ning eelkõige on niisama tore uute inimestega tutvuda.

Viimane uus väljend, mille Markus õppis on “I AM A VOLUNTEER!”.

Kõige naljakam moment viimase kolme päeva jooksul oli see kui õhupall, mis niisama toa nurgas vedeles, ootamatult katki plahvatas: PAU!

Markuse Sõnum Maailmale: “Proovige ise, Euroopa vabatahtlik teenistus on lahe!”

Häid Pühi!

– Markus


le start: before and after

14 volunteers and their assistants are here and we are ready to fix the world (or JUKS garden) and mix the cultures – we have people form so many places that it gets dizzy in our minds but we like it. Check the welcome letter for detailed profiles.

3rd day of the program is running and the group, that were stranger to each other first:


is becoming more and more diverse, exciting and full of surprises, day by day:

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 13.53.09

well, too many word on one day means that might not be left anything for later, lets KISS (Keep It Super Simple) it for today and :

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 12.59.18

for the upcoming posts…

…stay tuned!

– Fix iT crowd